The theme of the day is 3…

Back from Stitch and Bitch where CBS filmed us for 3 hours. All for what will be, if we’re lucky, less than 3 minutes. But it was fun, and we had so much light for a change! It’s nice to see what we’re doing. I didn’t get interviewed but you know what, I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame and I’ll sacrifice more minutes for not having to gain 10 lbs. on camera. Though I will probably appear in various group shots.

And hey, I added 3 whole inches to the mohair sweater! (To the 3 people reading this, I told you it would be boring. What did I tell you?)

Thrilled to find someone else who loves Jane in England. She has the best prices on my favorite Rowan yarn. Wait, why am I telling you all this? You’ll buy up all the good stuff!

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