Last night’s play (The Mystery of Charles Dickens) was quite good, I really recommend it. Simon Callow’s performance is amazing. I was both under and overdressed for the occasion (under, because I was freezing, over, because a long dress was not really necessary) but it was a good time.

Look, I’m getting somewhere with the front of this sweater! I added 3 more lines a little while ago! Woo hoo! I might be able to wear this by the time it’s 95 degrees again.

I have this baby cardigan I started, out of Maratona merino wool. It’s a deep teal color (pictures soon) and I think it will be for my grand nephew, who is about 4 months now though I knit a 12 month size. I need to finish it off and I want to do some sort of embroidery/applique thing since it’s just a solid stockinette sweater. All ideas welcome.

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