It’s a bleak and very rainy day so my usual weekend Central Park walk with my friends has been cancelled. Along with that goes brunch, so now I have to think of what to eat. But it’s a great day for staying in and knitting, which I plan to do. I need to find some mindless movie on TV and get going with the front of this mohair sweater. Time is not waiting for me.

Last night I saw “Into the Woods” on Broadway (second row, which awarded me a lot of detail) and I knew I was an addict when I paid great attention to the crocheted shawl on Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.

Speaking of crocheting, look what my mother made for me. It’s out of Rowan 4 ply cotton, and will be great for the beach. If only I can find myself a strapping young stud as this girl in the picture has.

rowan crocheted cap rowan cap

Anyway, I tried to learn to crochet and it just didn’t have a comfortable hand-feel for me. But I think this summer I will make another attempt.

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