I just got back from a job interview for an actual full time job (yes, I guess there are one or two left in this city) and I’m not sure of the outcome, but I’d be really happy right now if I can just get some more freelance work. So if anyone knows anyone who needs design work…

I’m looking VERY forward to Stitch n Bitch tonight, it’s the most work I get done on these projects at any one sitting and the socializing is fun as well. I hope to get this sweater done in the next week or two so I can wear it while it’s still cool enough and I can move onto to something else! That’s ADD for you, I have to have a new thing to do every 5 minutes.

I’m working on getting more links up here (Marney is emailing them in droves) but I haven’t had enough time to go through them yet. I’m also working on getting Comments up, since YACCS is no longer accepting new users (damn them) I have to do some CGI scripting and I’m waiting for my ISP to do some configuration on my server directory. My ISP is actually a friend, so I might have to bug her some more.

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