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Last night’s play (The

Posted by jackie blue on April 26th, 2002

Last night’s play (The Mystery of Charles Dickens) was quite good, I really recommend it. Simon Callow’s performance is amazing. I was both under and overdressed for the occasion (under, because I was freezing, over, because a long dress was not really necessary) but it was a good time.

Look, I’m getting somewhere with the front of this sweater! I added 3 more lines a little while ago! Woo hoo! I might be able to wear this by the time it’s 95 degrees again.

I have this baby cardigan I started, out of Maratona merino wool. It’s a deep teal color (pictures soon) and I think it will be for my grand nephew, who is about 4 months now though I knit a 12 month size. I need to finish it off and I want to do some sort of embroidery/applique thing since it’s just a solid stockinette sweater. All ideas welcome.

A building exploded 3

Posted by jackie blue on April 25th, 2002

A building exploded 3 or 4 blocks from where I live. I was about to go to the post office down that block so it’s a very good thing I am a procrastinator. All I hear out the windows are sirens and helicopters. I have to go out and do some errands though, guess I’d better stay southeast.

It’s a dreary day,

Posted by jackie blue on April 25th, 2002

It’s a dreary day, perfect for staying in and knitting all day. Which I’ll probably do, until tonight when I’ll get a little glitzed up and attend a Broadway opening. Pray it doesn’t pour on me!

Yesterday I took Mom to The Yarn Connection (who the hell did their site? It sucks, THEY NEED ME) to finally get some yarn so she can make the Rowan cotton sweater she xeroxed from my #31 weeks ago. We were both stunned to find that the supposedly off-white color they used was really yellow. Ah, photography. Anyway, Mom’s a great knitter. I’ll post some of her projects sometime. Meanwhile, I showed remarkable restraint in not buying anything but I did invite the owner to attend our Tuesday gathering since she lives in the East Village.

A shout out to

Posted by jackie blue on April 24th, 2002

A shout out to Carolyn and Betseee, both of whom have now made it impossible for me to ignore this blog and forget it exists.