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My knitting buddy Deb

Posted by jackie blue on April 24th, 2002

The theme of the

Posted by jackie blue on April 23rd, 2002

The theme of the day is 3…

Back from Stitch and Bitch where CBS filmed us for 3 hours. All for what will be, if we’re lucky, less than 3 minutes. But it was fun, and we had so much light for a change! It’s nice to see what we’re doing. I didn’t get interviewed but you know what, I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame and I’ll sacrifice more minutes for not having to gain 10 lbs. on camera. Though I will probably appear in various group shots.

And hey, I added 3 whole inches to the mohair sweater! (To the 3 people reading this, I told you it would be boring. What did I tell you?)

Thrilled to find someone else who loves Jane in England. She has the best prices on my favorite Rowan yarn. Wait, why am I telling you all this? You’ll buy up all the good stuff!

It’s a downpour today,

Posted by jackie blue on April 22nd, 2002

It’s a downpour today, but we need it.

I’m looking very forward to my Tuesday night knitting group tomorrow night. A bunch of us gather in a cafe and knit our little hearts out.
Tomorrow though, CBS Early Show will be filming us, or so I’ve been told.
Now I get to show the whole country one of my obsessions. Maybe I can get them to film my Mah Jongg game next.

Completely unrelated to knitting

Posted by jackie blue on April 21st, 2002

Completely unrelated to knitting in any way, except that I may need to start thinking winter sweaters again, it’s once again cold in New York. Tomorrow might sleet. It’s very strange to think I’ll be back in my winter jacket when less than a week ago it was 96. This is the end times, my friends.

Look at the sweater I’m doing now, on my Projects page.
mohair sweater