Carolyn has posted some photos from the CBS segment on her amazing site. She’s even gone as far as labeling us in a couple of them. I don’t know what happened to the blow up of me, but I seem to have grown another nose. Honestly! It must be a weird screen thing, because I really don’t look like that, I swear.
So my friend Marney, whom I like to call the Monster I Created when it comes to knitting, has decided to put up her own blog. I guess she won’t be guest hosting here after all, but that’s OK, she was doing so much research for mine that it was a pity she didn’t have her own. So check out The World According to Marney. Like her knitting, she has gone full force into this too and put up an entire blog in a couple of hours. Way to go.

I did a bit more of the Maggie sweater last night but I got bored and started experimenting with some leftover cotton and trying some new stitches. Nothing lasted long enough to post here, I kept ripping it out. I think now that I’ve put painting aside for a few days, I’ll get back to Maggie and finish the front of it.

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