Finally finished the front of the Maggie sweater. A friend decided I should keep the cable needle as the decorative toggle front, but I think I’ll pass. I must get to M&J Trimming some time soon and buy some ribbon to match. Started one sleeve, and hopefully will get them done soon.

SnB was fun last night, so many new people! Unfortunately being in the middle of a long table with conversations on either side of me, plus counting so much as I was decreasing on the neck and shoulder, meant that I didn’t really talk that much to some of the newer folks. I hope they will be returnees.

Today I must pack up my apartment better for the big paint job AND do some freelance design work, so I’m not sure how much knitting will get done. I think I dreamt last night about the start of that cable sweater I want to do. When you start dreaming about knitting…

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