Stayed up late despite exhaustion and finished the second sleeve! That means I should go today to get some ribbon so I can put this baby together this weekend. Now I must think of an immediate next project. I can finally put together that baby cardigan and finish that off, or I can dive right into the Breeze camisole I started before I started Maggie. It’s also Kid Silk Haze, which I’m a bit tired of right now, and it’s single ply, which makes it that much more tedious to work with. But until the Denim order comes in, I might as well do the camisole. It’ll be hot very soon, after all.

Tonight is a housewarming at a former coworker’s, whom I haven’t seen in a year now. I can’t believe I haven’t really had a job in a year. I’m so used to this life of leisure now. I just need more freelance work (or a bag of money to fall out of the sky) and I really could live this way.

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