I have to make this one quick, as it’s busy at my Monday gig. I’m going to use lunchtime to finish off the Maggie sweater, it just needs the collar (which is half done) and then the seams for the sides and sleeves. Still don’t have ribbon, but that suede could be a temporary closure.

Tonight I need to do final packing and moving things around for my paint job tomorrow, so I can’t imagine I’ll do much knitting. I only hope that they finish my apartment early enough to make it
to SnB without a problem. I might even wear my new sweater!

The weekend was good, filled with good music and good food. Marney elaborates more on the music. One of the performers is a long time friend of mine. Lunch was great yesterday, a little pricey for the unemployed, but worth it.

I just discovered I may have to work Memorial Day. Unless I voluntarily take off. At the rate our weather has been going (52 degrees today, and raining), I don’t see why I should bother.

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