SnB tonight, which means I should make pretty good headway on that quickie tank. Still no sign of my Denim order from, completely frustrating! I ordered it 2 weeks ago and they haven’t even shipped.

Last night my upstairs neighbors from HELL AND BEYOND, who make more noise than is even conceivable, did something in their bathroom that caused a flood and my ceiling to crack and drip. I just painted my bathroom a few months back and now the paint is buckling near the ceiling and the ceiling itself is about to fall into my sink. I banged on their door last night and it took forever for them to open it and they did turn off the water, but shut the door on me before I could complain about the noise as well. I really hate these people. Now I have to find my super today and have him repair my ceiling, and who knows what kind of big job that’ll turn into if he needs to bring it down first.

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