Jumping on the Personal Yarns Bandwagon

Theresa has posed these questions for us:

1. Where were you born? What do you know about your own birth? (time, circumstance, etc…)
I was born at 9:25 p.m. on August 20, 1965, in Brooklyn, N.Y. My mother had been in labor all day, but waited till my father came home from work to go to the hospital. He got her there just in time. I was born 20 minutes after they walked through the door.

2. Do you have a baby picture you can put onto your weblog? If not, tell us what you looked like as a baby.
I don’t have many old pictures in my apartment, but I managed to dig up this one. It’s not a great picture, a little too blurry, and I was cuter than I appear. The little boy in front of me is my cousin, Bruce.

3. What kind of a baby or toddler were you according to the people who were around when you were young?
I’m told I was a very good, well behaved, baby. Little did they know about the years to come.

4. Know any cute baby-related quotes anecdotes?
Not really, that I can recall. I did start drinking beer around that age, thanks to my maternal grandfather, who would always save the last few drops for me. Mmmmm, Backwash! Thanks, Grandpa.

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