No word from interview people yet. Today I need to get my butt in gear and clean up this apt., but I really am feeling lazy and still kind of down. Need to finish that Flame tank too, as it is officially summer weather in NYC and a light cotton tank like that would be so welcome right now.

Looking very forward to meeting Shetha tomorrow as she is visiting NYC this weekend.

Personal Yarns for the week

1. Where did you attend school as a child? (the first 6 years or so…) What do you remember about the building and the playground?
P.S. 100 in Brooklyn, N.Y., 3 blocks from my apartment in Coney Island. The building was pink. Yes, pink. It had green stairwells. There is a big schoolyard, with basketball courts, but I don’t remember it having any sort of playground at all. Maybe it did. A few years out of grammar school, I still hung out in that schoolyard at night. It was a haven for the older kids, and attracted a lot of drug dealing as well. Good thing I was a fairly clean kid.

2. Do you remember your first day? your teacher’s name? best friends? your favorite activity?
I don’t remember any details about the first day. My kindergarten teacher was Miss Paterniti and I don’t remember her at all. My first grade teacher was (I think) Mrs. Feder and all I remember is from photos, she had long black hair in a late 60s/early 70s ponytail, and pretty bad skin. She was probably in her 20s but looked much older. I had friends and most of them were boys. Barry, Jeffrey, Danny….I can’t really remember being very close to girls in the early grades. Later, definitely. Oh, I had one best friend, Pamela, when I was about 5 or 6. I don’t even remember if she was in my class, but she did live in my building.

3. What sort of lunch box did you have? What was usually in it?

I remember having a lunch box but can’t remember what was on it. Peter Pan, maybe? Who knows. I rarely ate lunch in school. It was so close to home, we used to go home for lunch.
4. Describe yourself as an elementary school student.
Probably pretty quiet and very much a daydreamer. I’m still the same, except for the quiet part.

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