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SnB tonight, which means

Posted by jackie blue on May 21st, 2002

SnB tonight, which means I should make pretty good headway on that quickie tank. Still no sign of my Denim order from, completely frustrating! I ordered it 2 weeks ago and they haven’t even shipped.

Last night my upstairs neighbors from HELL AND BEYOND, who make more noise than is even conceivable, did something in their bathroom that caused a flood and my ceiling to crack and drip. I just painted my bathroom a few months back and now the paint is buckling near the ceiling and the ceiling itself is about to fall into my sink. I banged on their door last night and it took forever for them to open it and they did turn off the water, but shut the door on me before I could complain about the noise as well. I really hate these people. Now I have to find my super today and have him repair my ceiling, and who knows what kind of big job that’ll turn into if he needs to bring it down first.

My Maggie, she is

Posted by jackie blue on May 19th, 2002

My Maggie, she is finished! Here’s the final result. I still have to weave in some loose ends, but that’s it.

Yesterday took a trip out to Smiley’s and bought some cheapie cotton, which looks pretty good when knit up. I got some Patons Cotton DK in an off white, with no idea yet what to make from it. Also got some “Bolivia” yarn in a pale sage green, a thick/thin nubby yarn that I thought, gauge wise, would be a good sub for Rowan Linen Drape. I decided to make a quickie tank for summer from Rowan #31 (my bible lately), the Flame tank. I started it last night, and here’s what I have so far:

It feels pretty nice considering the $1.00 a skein price(!).

Today, went to the 9th Ave. food festival and ran into Betsy and her boyfriend Ryan. It was nice to meet him, she speaks so highly of him, and I can see why! A sweet couple.

Feeling rather green today,

Posted by jackie blue on May 17th, 2002

Feeling rather green today, so a color change was in order. I’m working on getting a guestbook up and running on this site, if anything, to hone my CGI skills (or lack thereof). I should of course, be knitting, so I actually have something to post here. But I’m bored already with the Breeze camisole.
I should have Maggie sewn together by tonight. Today is also the end (hopefully!!) of my getting my apartment back in order. My allergies have been out of control since I kicked up almost 9 years of hidden dust and soot. Ahhh, life in Manhattan.

Taking a trip out to Smiley’s tomorrow, so even though I have an affinity for fine yarns, hopefully will build up a small stash for small, in between projects to keep me busy.

Success! Not only did

Posted by jackie blue on May 16th, 2002


Not only did I find the exact width and color ribbon I needed (I mean, it’s perfect), but I also fell head over heels for this store, Mokuba. I happened on this place by accident, following an address for another place from the Alexander Report list. This place though, is magnificent– a huge, sleek, Prada-esque showroom filled with nothing but ribbon, and some of the most gorgeous ribbon I’ve ever seen. I felt very silly buying my 90 cent, one yard of nothing.