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Still in apartment arranging

Posted by jackie blue on May 16th, 2002

Still in apartment arranging mode, and today I’m going to run up to the garment district again and see if I can find some ribbon. The Alexander Report has a great listing of notions stores, hopefully they aren’t all wholesale. and one of them has to have what I need, right?

Still no word from on my Denim order. So much for them having more stock than anyone else.

Freaking out a bit today about work. As in, I need some! If anyone in the NYC area needs design work or knows someone who does, please email me. The panic sets in every now and then, when I remember how slow it is in the summer anyway.

Great SnB last night.

Posted by jackie blue on May 15th, 2002

Great SnB last night. I had invited a couple of new folks to join, and Jen showed up. Though I was so engrossed in starting up the Breeze camisole again that I could barely talk to her, as she was engrossed in learning to knit, as well. I think I’m going to lose my mind with this project. It’s so fine, and so tedious, that hours of work resulted in only an inch of fabric so far. I’d take a photo but my camera memory cards are packed somewhere. Anyway, I think I’ll work on it only sporadically and I really want my Rowan Denim order to come through, already. Impatience!!

Painting my shelves today, apartment should be back to normal by end of the week, I hope. On the way to Janovic Plaza for more paint, I stopped into the Kate Spade sample sale some SnBers were talking about. Nice stuff, but like crack to a drug addict for the unemployed. I hightailed it out of there without spending a dime. It killed me though to see the exact bag I once spend about $225 on for $50. Ouch.

On that note, it’s back to painting. My brush is drying up.

Well, the good news

Posted by jackie blue on May 14th, 2002

Well, the good news is, my apartment is freshly painted,(except for my 10 shelves, which I’ll probably do tomorrow, I need to buy yet more paint) but the bad news is, I was so swamped yesterday at work and got home late, and I’ve been so busy with this paint job today, that there’s no way the Maggie sweater is being finished off today. The shoulder seams are done, the collar is done, and one sleeve is half sewn on. I think that’s as far as I’ll get today. I haven’t even eaten yet. I will probably not bring it to SnB to sew up, because light there isn’t very good, so I’ll finish it in the next day or two.

Tired. Hungry. Needing a shower.

I have to make

Posted by jackie blue on May 13th, 2002

I have to make this one quick, as it’s busy at my Monday gig. I’m going to use lunchtime to finish off the Maggie sweater, it just needs the collar (which is half done) and then the seams for the sides and sleeves. Still don’t have ribbon, but that suede could be a temporary closure.

Tonight I need to do final packing and moving things around for my paint job tomorrow, so I can’t imagine I’ll do much knitting. I only hope that they finish my apartment early enough to make it
to SnB without a problem. I might even wear my new sweater!

The weekend was good, filled with good music and good food. Marney elaborates more on the music. One of the performers is a long time friend of mine. Lunch was great yesterday, a little pricey for the unemployed, but worth it.

I just discovered I may have to work Memorial Day. Unless I voluntarily take off. At the rate our weather has been going (52 degrees today, and raining), I don’t see why I should bother.