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Happy Mother’s Day to

Posted by jackie blue on May 12th, 2002

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this. I’m taking mine to lunch at Tocqueville, a pretty little restaurant just a couple of blocks away from me. She’s going to bring the sweater she’s knitting and we’ll probably knit the rest of the day since the weather is so crappy. Have fun, everyone!

Frustrations Galore Well, kind

Posted by jackie blue on May 11th, 2002

Frustrations Galore

Well, kind of a frustrating day yesterday. I went over to the garment district to get ribbon for the Maggie sweater but my favorite place, M&J Trimming didn’t have the right color and so just in case, they sold me a thin strip of suede, which might be cute but upon getting it home, I decided it was much too bright. Another place had the perfect color, but the width was too wide. What to do now?

On the way home I was passing by School Products and so of course I had to stop in. I decided to join the circular needle brigade since I keep poking people at the SnB, so I bought 2 Addi Turbos in size 3 and 5. I only own bigger circulars so far. I knew I needed a 3 for the Surf sweater too. But OK, here’s my gripe with circulars. There are so many lengths, and you end up needing all different ones. I bought a 3 but it’s way too long for the collar, so now I need to exchange it, and if I ever want to do a full size garment on one, I’ll need a longer one again. I hate that. Anyway, aside from needing 12 pairs of one size, the Addi Turbos rock. I love the feel of them.

Later on the frustration scale, I decided to pick up the Breeze camisole and continue that on the Turbos, but something got screwed up in my stitches, and Kid Silk Haze is really hard to frog, so the yarn ripped and I’m left with this 2 1/2 inch span of knitted yarn that I will have to frog at some point (there were a couple of loose stitches I didn’t like) and start all over from the beginning. Which is really tedious. So I dropped that for a while and started working on the Stars and Stripes cushion that you get for being a member of Rowan International (what is up with their site? It’s down….). At least it’s a good little interim project and it’s coming out really nice. I took it on the F train last night and knit to and from the housewarming party I attended. I think I recruited a couple of new knitters to SnB, too.

Today my plans fell through so it’s just knit, and exercise. Boy, I’m chatty today.

Stayed up late despite

Posted by jackie blue on May 10th, 2002

Stayed up late despite exhaustion and finished the second sleeve! That means I should go today to get some ribbon so I can put this baby together this weekend. Now I must think of an immediate next project. I can finally put together that baby cardigan and finish that off, or I can dive right into the Breeze camisole I started before I started Maggie. It’s also Kid Silk Haze, which I’m a bit tired of right now, and it’s single ply, which makes it that much more tedious to work with. But until the Denim order comes in, I might as well do the camisole. It’ll be hot very soon, after all.

Tonight is a housewarming at a former coworker’s, whom I haven’t seen in a year now. I can’t believe I haven’t really had a job in a year. I’m so used to this life of leisure now. I just need more freelance work (or a bag of money to fall out of the sky) and I really could live this way. has my Rowan

Posted by jackie blue on May 9th, 2002 has my Rowan Denim order on backorder for another 1-2 weeks, since they don’t have enough of it in stock. Which is such a bummer, since the Maggie is nearly done and although I have other projects to do, I’m itching to start something interesting like that Surf sweater. Boo hoo!