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Well, I finished a

Posted by jackie blue on May 9th, 2002

Well, I finished a sleeve yesterday (thank god for short sleeves) and It’s nearly certain I’ll have another finished by today or tomorrow so it’s time to buy some ribbon and get this Maggie sweater put together. Maybe the weather will cooperate and I can wear it this week. I just hope it fits well.

Debbie Stoller of the NYC SnB sent us this great link for felted bags, Designs by Shelley. (Hope you don’t mind me speading the word, Deb). I just wish there was a better way of ordering. Like if she had Paypal, you could pay instantly and she could email the patterns. What’s up with this archaic “send in the form with a check” crap? This is the 21st Century, right?

Yay! found my Rowan

Posted by jackie blue on May 8th, 2002

Yay! found my Rowan #31, and I ordered exactly the number of skeins I need to make
that Surf sweater. At least my memory works part of the time.

Finally finished the front

Posted by jackie blue on May 8th, 2002

Finally finished the front of the Maggie sweater. A friend decided I should keep the cable needle as the decorative toggle front, but I think I’ll pass. I must get to M&J Trimming some time soon and buy some ribbon to match. Started one sleeve, and hopefully will get them done soon.

SnB was fun last night, so many new people! Unfortunately being in the middle of a long table with conversations on either side of me, plus counting so much as I was decreasing on the neck and shoulder, meant that I didn’t really talk that much to some of the newer folks. I hope they will be returnees.

Today I must pack up my apartment better for the big paint job AND do some freelance design work, so I’m not sure how much knitting will get done. I think I dreamt last night about the start of that cable sweater I want to do. When you start dreaming about knitting…

The Day’s Planned Events

Posted by jackie blue on May 7th, 2002

The Day’s Planned Events

1. Get pissed off at painters who haven’t called for an appointment yet
2. Go to gym, for healthy eating has only resulted in a half pound drop of winter flab
3. Finish the front of Maggie sweater, so possibly can start on sleeves at SnB tonight
4. Look forward to SnB, the highlight of many weeks
5. Work on small freelance design project
6. Lose my mind as well as other things in this mess of a half painted apartment

I’m quite enamored over the work at Knitting Notes and excited too, for she posted some patterns for toe up socks, which I think I will like much better than
the seamed variety. I will probably make these next time.