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I like having photos

Posted by jackie blue on May 2nd, 2002

I like having photos on the site, so I thought I’d give another nod to the woman who taught me to knit, my mother Renee. This is a merino wool throw and pillow that she made for me for Christmas 2000. I knew about the throw but the pillow was a surprise. The photos can’t do the detail justice, it’s a lovely leaf pattern overlaid on gold satin. I really want to do a more intricate project like this sometime soon. Stockinette is so boring, yet most of the clothes I like I are very simple in design.

YAY!! YACCS is accepting

Posted by jackie blue on May 2nd, 2002

YAY!! YACCS is accepting new users again, so comments are up and running and without all the CGI scripting I’d have to do otherwise. I guess I should tell my friend Stacy that she doesn’t have to configure a directory for me, although it would be good to have anyway.

Well, I woke up

Posted by jackie blue on May 2nd, 2002

Well, I woke up early enough to see CBS chop up our 3 hours down to maybe a minute. It was a good piece I guess, some nice quotes from Deb and Marney, though the whole laughter and cameraderie of our group was left out. And Julie never finished her hamster scarf!

Painting this small place has ended up much harder than I thought it would and I’m living in a mess of boxes and plastic drop cloths. I didn’t even finish the ceiling yesterday and that’s the hard part, the part that makes me dizzy and my back hurt. I’m getting too old for this. But I’m determined to finish it today so my building maintenance guy doesn’t have to come up at 5:00 and finish the ceiling for me. How embarrassing.

Stitch n Bitch was

Posted by jackie blue on May 1st, 2002

Stitch n Bitch was fun last night as usual. I’m making headway on the slowest mohair sweater in the universe. Unfortunately for my knitting time, I have decided I need to paint my apartment, so I think the next few days will be consumed with that. I have a very small place but I just have so much STUFF. And I’ve done nothing to prepare (no boxes, etc.) so I don’t know how I will pull this off. But I’m going to buy paint and supplies today, and by bedtime tonight, I’d better at least have a fresh new hallway.

I am getting pretty into Frontier House and all I kept thinking is, if that were me, I’d get me some sheep and knit the days away. Sure enough, last night, one of the women did just that. I don’t know what she was making but it was something on DPNs. And she was the youngest of the three wives, from Massachusetts. So the knitting craze has certainly hit 20 and 30somethings across this whole country.
I wonder who started it? Who decided it was cool?

Reminder, please do watch The Early Show tomorrow morning, May 2, for a piece on knitting in New York and a possible glimpse (though a quick one, Im sure) of yours truly.