I got a decent amount of knitting done last night both during and post book club. The tank is coming along nicely and only a couple more inches before I get to the fun part of the Guernsey dress. I want to do cabling and lace and bobbles already.

Oh, and I *finally* got an email from eknitting.com that my Denim order has shipped! Yay! And there’s a package for me down in my building’s package room, I wonder if that’s it. I’ll have to go retrieve it today. Even if it is, I think I have to wait before starting the Surf sweater, I have too much going on at once.

I also answered an ad this morning from a woman looking for hand knitters to knit for a small company. If I’m going to stay unemployed, I might as well make a little money doing what I’d be doing anyway. I hope she calls back so I can find out more about it.

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