Last night I finally got to the fun part of the Guernsey dress, but it’s also going to be the pain-in-the-neck part unless I organize the pattern instructions in a better way. Since every row is different, and I’m working the largest size, I have to keep turning pages just to get one row done. It’s easy to lose track with this pattern. Today I have a date with the copy machine at my Monday gig to make the pattern make more sense. I will post pics of my progress later.

Personal Yarns of the Week
Desert isle keepers
With all essentials being taken care of, what …
non-knitting)book – The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
movie – Some Like it Hot
music –Zombie Heaven Boxed Set, The Beatles Anthology 1,2,3
food -Fixings for sushi, after all, there’s fresh fish galore on my island
knitting book, yarn & needles – Rowan #31, Addi Turbos, and a huge supply of Rowan Linen Drape, and Handknit Cotton DK
…would you take along to a deserted island for the nourishment of your soul?

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