First of all, a big welcome back to Carolyn!!

I did more on the Guernsey dress last night, and I think it’s coming out great, except for the bobble part. It’s my first attempt at bobbles, and this one just isn’t as round and as perky as I’d like it to be. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or what. But it’s a mediocre bobble.
Here’s some pics of the original (in an infant size, I’m doing a 2-3 year old size) and a couple of my progress. My cables are reversed because I’m left handed. Click on the smaller photos for a larger view. I need to update my projects page, maybe I’ll do that later today after I finish some revisions on a long drawn out freelance project.

Guernsey dress original

Looking forward to SnB tonight but will probably finish up my Flame tank there, instead of this.

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