Very little knitting done lately, but tonight is SnB, so that should be taken care of. Today I have a potential client meeting at 2 pm. It will be nice if I can get another project to do since my unemployment has run out! I suspect this will be a small project but anything is welcome these days.

I almost headed over to the Women for Hire Career Fair that Liz told me about (thanks, Liz!), but looking through the companies there and the jobs they have open, I’m not really qualified for a single one of them. Even the retail establishments are looking for managerial types with years of retail management behind them. So I think I’ll skip it, and hope that I don’t have to apply for a job as a barista at my local Starbucks, though I truly am considering it, at least part time to supplement any freelance work I might get.

Back to knitting. I think I will work on my Guernsey dress for an hour or two before I need to head to midtown.

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