Still bummed I missed what was obviously a memorable SnB last night and I miss hanging out with my girl pals. But oh, Elvis Costello was really good and well worth it, I think. He did a final encore of “I Want You” that blew me away. Wow. Very stunning. However, my 3 a.m. bedtime has rendered me largely useless this morning.

I have some comps for that freelance work to do today and the gym is on my agenda as well (though I did walk something like 75 blocks last night), but I must continue on with some of my knitting. That easy breezy “Flame” tank is going nowhere fast, and I could use it in this weather. And the baby dress is just so cute I want to work on it more. That is coming along nicely. I do think I have to finish that tank though, and maybe do some small little baby items for easy SnB projects. THEN, I have that Surf sweater to start! Oy, I have bitten off a lot more than I can chew these days.

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