My social life has really taken off lately, which I can’t complain about, but has left little time for knitting. So my projects are falling behind. Last night I listened to a friend play at a bar called Chateau, and then we had drinks at Baraza. Tonight I’m invited to a wine and cheese party, and I’ll only know a couple of people there, and I don’t know them very well either. So this should be a good test of my social skills, eh?

Tomorrow is the 20th Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, an event I go to every year. It’s the only day I can get my beach-phobic friends to actually leave the island of Manhattan and go out there. Anyway, it’s a very fun day. As many probably don’t know, I grew up in Coney Island and my mother still lives there, so there’s a lot of hometown pride involved when I bring people out there. Kind of like “You don’t really know ME till you’ve seen where I grew up” kind of thing.

So back to knitting. Progress is slow but the dress is coming out so cute. Here’s the latest snap:

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