DSL was down most of the day at my Monday gig yesterday so I couldn’t update and by the time I got home, I was just wiped. I was supposed to go out last night but as my companion didn’t call till nearly 10, I found a good excuse to get out of it. I was in no mood to go.

Knitting has still taken a back seat to everything else this week. But my mother pulled out the Guernsey at work yesterday and showed a lot of people and it got many oohs and ahhs, so I’m inspired to work more on it. Thankfully, this should be a slower social week, though I have lunch plans today and SnB tonight (yay! that certainly means a lot of knitting!). I really missed it last week and I’m anxious to be there tonight.

Other than that, contemplating career changes, dealing with the couple of freelance clients I have to deal with, and going out a lot has kept me occupied for awhile. And keeping out of the heat!

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