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Last night’s SnB was

Posted by jackie blue on June 26th, 2002

Last night’s SnB was great, I really missed sitting and knitting for hours straight. I made good headway on the Guernsey, and should be done with the back very soon. Then I must finish the Flame tank. There isn’t much more to do on it, maybe an evening or two devotion, and then I could have another thing to wear. Which would be good, because I really need to stop shopping until I find more work.

I have some client stuff to deal with today and the gym must be on the agenda. At least I’ve been eating better in the last couple of months and I’ve dropped a few pounds. A few more would be nice.

DSL was down most

Posted by jackie blue on June 25th, 2002

DSL was down most of the day at my Monday gig yesterday so I couldn’t update and by the time I got home, I was just wiped. I was supposed to go out last night but as my companion didn’t call till nearly 10, I found a good excuse to get out of it. I was in no mood to go.

Knitting has still taken a back seat to everything else this week. But my mother pulled out the Guernsey at work yesterday and showed a lot of people and it got many oohs and ahhs, so I’m inspired to work more on it. Thankfully, this should be a slower social week, though I have lunch plans today and SnB tonight (yay! that certainly means a lot of knitting!). I really missed it last week and I’m anxious to be there tonight.

Other than that, contemplating career changes, dealing with the couple of freelance clients I have to deal with, and going out a lot has kept me occupied for awhile. And keeping out of the heat!

My social life has

Posted by jackie blue on June 21st, 2002

My social life has really taken off lately, which I can’t complain about, but has left little time for knitting. So my projects are falling behind. Last night I listened to a friend play at a bar called Chateau, and then we had drinks at Baraza. Tonight I’m invited to a wine and cheese party, and I’ll only know a couple of people there, and I don’t know them very well either. So this should be a good test of my social skills, eh?

Tomorrow is the 20th Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, an event I go to every year. It’s the only day I can get my beach-phobic friends to actually leave the island of Manhattan and go out there. Anyway, it’s a very fun day. As many probably don’t know, I grew up in Coney Island and my mother still lives there, so there’s a lot of hometown pride involved when I bring people out there. Kind of like “You don’t really know ME till you’ve seen where I grew up” kind of thing.

So back to knitting. Progress is slow but the dress is coming out so cute. Here’s the latest snap:

I couldn’t resist posting

Posted by jackie blue on June 19th, 2002

I couldn’t resist posting this. This is my grandniece Chani, from South Africa, who will be the recipent of the Guernsey dress. Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?!