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Still bummed I missed

Posted by jackie blue on June 19th, 2002

Still bummed I missed what was obviously a memorable SnB last night and I miss hanging out with my girl pals. But oh, Elvis Costello was really good and well worth it, I think. He did a final encore of “I Want You” that blew me away. Wow. Very stunning. However, my 3 a.m. bedtime has rendered me largely useless this morning.

I have some comps for that freelance work to do today and the gym is on my agenda as well (though I did walk something like 75 blocks last night), but I must continue on with some of my knitting. That easy breezy “Flame” tank is going nowhere fast, and I could use it in this weather. And the baby dress is just so cute I want to work on it more. That is coming along nicely. I do think I have to finish that tank though, and maybe do some small little baby items for easy SnB projects. THEN, I have that Surf sweater to start! Oy, I have bitten off a lot more than I can chew these days.

Change of plans, I’m

Posted by jackie blue on June 18th, 2002

Change of plans, I’m not going to make tonight’s Stitch n Bitch after all. Which bums me out, but I got an offer I couldn’t refuse, to go see Elvis Costello at the Beacon Theatre. I’ll miss seeing the gals tonight!

Very little knitting done

Posted by jackie blue on June 18th, 2002

Very little knitting done lately, but tonight is SnB, so that should be taken care of. Today I have a potential client meeting at 2 pm. It will be nice if I can get another project to do since my unemployment has run out! I suspect this will be a small project but anything is welcome these days.

I almost headed over to the Women for Hire Career Fair that Liz told me about (thanks, Liz!), but looking through the companies there and the jobs they have open, I’m not really qualified for a single one of them. Even the retail establishments are looking for managerial types with years of retail management behind them. So I think I’ll skip it, and hope that I don’t have to apply for a job as a barista at my local Starbucks, though I truly am considering it, at least part time to supplement any freelance work I might get.

Back to knitting. I think I will work on my Guernsey dress for an hour or two before I need to head to midtown.

Knit only a little

Posted by jackie blue on June 16th, 2002

Knit only a little bit today, in Central Park, until it started to rain on us. Shoved knitting back in bag, made a run for it, and of course by the time I got home it was sunny and beautiful again. Go figure.

Tonight I met Betsy and Ryan for drinks and to watch one of Ryan’s videos being shown in a bar called Remote Lounge. They have cameras all over where you can spy on people and send messages or take snapshots. Apparently, as I found out when someone called Ryan’s cell, my chest was a big hit on the live feed. I’m famous! Anyway, here are some shots of us getting silly.