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OK, I’ve updated my

Posted by jackie blue on June 14th, 2002

OK, I’ve updated my Projects page to be a little more comprehensive. Enjoy!

Last night I had

Posted by jackie blue on June 14th, 2002

Last night I had to frog 4 lines of the Guernsey, which doesn’t seem like much except that I did it stitch by stitch. The lace pattern on one block wasn’t coming out right, the holes weren’t lined up. I have no idea where I went wrong but when I redid it, it was fine. I just hope I don’t have to repeat that episode! It wasn’t fun.

I’m working on redoing my projects page today, so look for an update soon.

I didn’t do a

Posted by jackie blue on June 13th, 2002

I didn’t do a stitch of knitting yesterday. Today my horoscope says to focus on home improvement projects, so I think that means I need to clean my apartment. So that’s my goal for the day, with some knitting in between, and a trip to the gym as well. I can’t believe how cool it is out today. I woke up freezing with the window open.

I’m also learning more about Perl than I ever wanted to, since I want to switch to Moveable Type, and my server is lacking necessary Perl modules. Rather than bug my ISP, I’m learning to install them myself. We’ll see how much cleaning I actually get done if I keep sitting here and futzing with scripts.

Progress since last night:

Posted by jackie blue on June 12th, 2002

Progress since last night:
Guernsey dress
I’m pretty pleased with it. Though there are some mistakes, the intricate pattern makes them hard to notice. I’m having fun with this project, and all I want to do is knit today, instead of things I SHOULD do.

A conversation at SnB last night about looking for a job has sent me into a further panic. I feel like I should sit and design comps all day to beef up my portfolio, learn Flash, do whatever I can to find work. I’m just unmotivated in that respect, wish I knew of an alternate career I’d enjoy and make a good living doing, wish I was better at networking for freelance clients, wish I wasn’t in this awful state right now!