I finished the back of the Guernsey dress and now I have to finish the Flame tank before I go any further. I’ve dragged that one on long enough. I think (I hope!) by SnB tomorrow night, I will have that one done.

I practiced crocheting on the beach this weekend. I’ve never done that before and it’s going to take some getting used to…it doesn’t have a natural hand feel for me like knitting does. I felt downright arthritic holding the yarn. Could be because I was learning right handed and I’m left handed, but I don’t think so. It was my left hand that was so uncomfortable holding the yarn. Anyway, I want to make these cute flower hats that have crocheted flowers, so I guess I’d better practice more.

A friend’s grandmother sent over a big box of yarn for me and Marney to share, so last night I perused the stash and took what I wanted. Some canary yellow cotton, no idea what to do with that stuff, and a cone of some blue denim looking stuff that is probably acrylic or rayon or a combination of both, and some shiny fuschia stuff that I REALLY have no idea what to do with but might make an interesting embellishment on a more neutral color. Anyway, can’t hurt to have, even though my yarn stash is starting to take over my apartment.

Well, back to work at the Monday gig. I’m feeling cranky and crappy today and don’t want to be here. Oh well, can’t complain about one day’s work now, can I?

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