I’d love to say that I finished the Flame tank this weekend, but not quite. I have very little left though, and I expect to have it done by tomorrow night’s SnB. Yesterday was too hazy to go to the beach, due to smoke conditions in Canada, so I hung out all day at my mother’s place. She has a big terrace and we sat there for hours, both knitting. If only I had that outdoor space at home, I might be able to sit still longer. I think it’s being indoors that makes me batty.

A very hearty congratulations to Betsy and Ryan, who got engaged in Italy this weekend. If it ever happens to me, I hope it’s as romantic and lovely as they experienced. Good luck to you wonderful folks!

Today back at my Monday gig, so not much happening around here. I had a good dinner with friends last night to cap off the holiday weekend. Now it’s back to wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

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