Well, OK, I finally finished the Flame tank but still have to block one side and sew it together. It’s a simple sew, just two side seams, but let’s see how long that takes me to finish. At SnB last night I started on the front of the Guernsey dress, but didn’t make it that far due to how wide (127 stitches) the bottom is. I have quite a ways to go on the skirt before I get to the fun lace and bobbles top part. And I must read today! I am only one third into the book for my book club, which meets tomorrow night. I am never finishing in time, even if I cram all day. I have a date tonight so that is less reading time right there.

I think I want to start my Surf sweater too. The yarn has just been sitting there for months. I like alternating projects and as long as it uses different size needles from what else I am working on, I should be OK.

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