It’s official, I am nowhere near finishing that book for my book club tonight. I will go anyway, to observe and listen, and possibly knit. At least I’ll get more of that done.

Last night I bought the book Style Your Own Kid’s Knits that I first saw when Liz brought it to Stitch n Bitch. I loved the tropical fish intarsia patterns in it, and I think my next kid’s project when the Guernsey is done will be a fish pullover sweater in cotton for my now 7 month old grand nephew. He’ll look so cute in it! He’ll certainly be over a year old by the time I actually make the thing, I stilll have so many projects to do!

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day in NYC and I fear wasting it inside sitting at this computer. I should go out to the park and at least read a little more of the book. I wish I had weekday beach companions, though I could head out there alone, it’s not as fun.

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