It was a pretty good weekend, weather-wise, so I spent it on the beach as usual. I decided to start my Surf sweater despite being only halfway through the Guernsey dress. I need variety, and I was eager to see how the Rowan denim knits up. It’s a nice yarn but strands terribly easy, even more so than the Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton I’m using for the dress. Anyway, I did about 6 inches of the sweater already, mostly done on the beach. What better place to knit a sweater called Surf? I’ll take photos of my progress tonight. All I know is that unless I enlarge the chart on the copy machine today, I’m going to go crazy knitting this. The pattern is 117 stitches across and 28 high, and the chart is so tiny it’s extremely easy to mistake what line you are on. I’ve made several mistakes already, most of them fixed, some hopefully subtle enough that they won’t be noticed. But starting today, I must employ the larger-chart and post-it-note method if I want to keep my sanity.

Despite a good weekend I’m still stressed out, about work, money, what’s going to happen with my health insurance when COBRA runs out in December, what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, etc. etc. It’s a wonder I’m able to sleep at night. I really have to get some more freelance work soon, or something.

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