I’m looking very forward to Stitch n Bitch tonight, for various reasons. For one, I get to see the girls, and it seems like it’s been so long. Also, I’m in the middle of two fun projects and I’m really into knitting these days. But lastly, we are trying out a new place and although I’ll miss being in the East Village neighborhood we used to go to, if this works out it will be so much more convenient for a lot of people and plus a much nicer atmosphere (we hope!). I’m a little nervous about it all, since I was the instigator in getting us moved and finding a new place. So I don’t want anything to go wrong!

One thing I hope is that the new place is sufficiently air conditioned. It’s about 100 degrees in NYC today, or at least it feels like it.I came into the office this morning (my Monday gig stretched into Tues. this week only) drenched as a wet rat. I can’t imagine commuting every day anymore. I’m so used to the life of leisure.

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