Well, I think the new venue last night was a success. Great seating, good lighting, an array of food, convenient location, and nice staff. Yay! I think everyone liked it.

I worked more on the Surf sweater though I feel guilty leaving the Guernsey behind. The only problem at the SnB with these two projects is that they both take such concentration that I felt I wasn’t making much conversation. But I had a good time anyway.

Today is errand day, meaning laundry and cleaning up and going to work out. I must get all this done yet once again, I’m sitting at my computer for hours. I was supposed to hear back about a freelance gig today, but nothing so far. Three other clients (small jobs) are pending. I need some REAL work, dammit. I’m starting to wonder how I’m keeping afloat with no immediate danger of sinking. I can’t do this forever.

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