Still bogged down with a freelance project, but yesterday was my mother’s birthday so I headed out to Coney Island. The weather was decidedly not beach weather (cloudy cloudy cloudy) so we headed over to the NY Aquarium and wandered there for about an hour. Nothing has changed there in years so we basically knew everything we’d see but it was nice to watch the fish swim around. Then we hung out at home and watched a movie and I did a bit more on the Guernsey dress. I’m anxious now to finish that project (still have quite a bit on the front and then both sleeves) because I’d much rather work on the Surf sweater now. Although I’ll get tired of that too and will need an interim (simpler) project to alternate with.

Here’s progress on the Surf so far, zoomed in for detail:

After hanging for awhile we went to Lundy’s for lobster and had a couple of 2 1/2 pounders. Food was yummy (it ain’t always so great there) but I left with a huge stomachache from eating so much. That’ll teach me. Well, it’s off to work now.

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