Bored to death at my newspaper gig today. Been here two hours and haven’t done a stitch of work, except another postcard design for a freelance client. Unfortunately I can’t work on my bigger project here, a web site I’m doing, as all my files are at home and I work on a different platform. Such a waste of time. But I have a feeling a lot of knitting willl get done today, if I can just pry myself away from my computer. Tonight’s SnB so I don’t want to knit *too* much and get tired of it by tonight. Yes folks, I do tend to bore easily if I do something too much.

A good luck out to a bunch of my friends who all seem to have interviews or new part time gigs this week. I hope that means things are changing, although I’m in a very different field than all of them so I’m not sure things are better in my area. My work is so specialized and there is still so many people out of jobs. But, at least I have a decent amount of freelance going on this week. Not high paying, but work nonetheless. If I can just keep this up, I’ll be happy. I don’t want to go back to an office full time. This way I can work whenever I feel like sitting down to do it.

But man, I’m bored today. A total waste of a day, though getting paid for nothing is not so terrible. Of course all the work will come in late in the day, and make me late for SnB anyway.

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