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Finally the Flame tank

Posted by jackie blue on July 15th, 2002

Finally the Flame tank is done, and it looks pretty cute. Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of that yarn, since I have about 6 1/2 skeins left.

The front of the guernsey is coming along, still in the skirt area.

Boy, I feel an incredible lack of words today. Last night we had a fun dinner for Marney’s birthday, and the rest of the weekend was spent on the beach. The water was so incredible yesterday, crystal clear (unusual for the Atlantic) and cold but so gorgeous and calm, almost a lake. I love when I can see schools of fish swimming around me. The weather could have been better (it was chilly on Sat. and cloudy both days except for a brilliant patch of sun for about an hour or so yesterday) but I still feel happier swimming around the ocean than almost anywhere else. I guess I don’t have to worry about a job for those brief moments.

I brought my knitting

Posted by jackie blue on July 12th, 2002

I brought my knitting along to book club last night and made good headway on the skirt part of the front of the Guernsey. I should be up to the pattern top in another couple of days. I’m tempted to start the Surf sweater too just for variety. But I must sew together the Flame tank this weekend.

I’m in total denial about my work situation and I’ve been shopping like mad lately. I really need something good to happen soon. I feel like I’m wasting my days, barely going out daytime, barely getting anything done at home (this place is a mess again, no excuse for that!) and something has to change.

It’s official, I am

Posted by jackie blue on July 11th, 2002

It’s official, I am nowhere near finishing that book for my book club tonight. I will go anyway, to observe and listen, and possibly knit. At least I’ll get more of that done.

Last night I bought the book Style Your Own Kid’s Knits that I first saw when Liz brought it to Stitch n Bitch. I loved the tropical fish intarsia patterns in it, and I think my next kid’s project when the Guernsey is done will be a fish pullover sweater in cotton for my now 7 month old grand nephew. He’ll look so cute in it! He’ll certainly be over a year old by the time I actually make the thing, I stilll have so many projects to do!

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day in NYC and I fear wasting it inside sitting at this computer. I should go out to the park and at least read a little more of the book. I wish I had weekday beach companions, though I could head out there alone, it’s not as fun.

Well, OK, I finally

Posted by jackie blue on July 10th, 2002

Well, OK, I finally finished the Flame tank but still have to block one side and sew it together. It’s a simple sew, just two side seams, but let’s see how long that takes me to finish. At SnB last night I started on the front of the Guernsey dress, but didn’t make it that far due to how wide (127 stitches) the bottom is. I have quite a ways to go on the skirt before I get to the fun lace and bobbles top part. And I must read today! I am only one third into the book for my book club, which meets tomorrow night. I am never finishing in time, even if I cram all day. I have a date tonight so that is less reading time right there.

I think I want to start my Surf sweater too. The yarn has just been sitting there for months. I like alternating projects and as long as it uses different size needles from what else I am working on, I should be OK.