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I’d love to say

Posted by jackie blue on July 8th, 2002

I’d love to say that I finished the Flame tank this weekend, but not quite. I have very little left though, and I expect to have it done by tomorrow night’s SnB. Yesterday was too hazy to go to the beach, due to smoke conditions in Canada, so I hung out all day at my mother’s place. She has a big terrace and we sat there for hours, both knitting. If only I had that outdoor space at home, I might be able to sit still longer. I think it’s being indoors that makes me batty.

A very hearty congratulations to Betsy and Ryan, who got engaged in Italy this weekend. If it ever happens to me, I hope it’s as romantic and lovely as they experienced. Good luck to you wonderful folks!

Today back at my Monday gig, so not much happening around here. I had a good dinner with friends last night to cap off the holiday weekend. Now it’s back to wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

Hope everyone had a

Posted by jackie blue on July 5th, 2002

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth! Mine was fun, despite a date cancelling on me last minute (with a lousy reason!)…I grabbed Marney and made her come with me to two parties I was invited to. They were fun, and the second one sported great views of the Macy’s Fireworks, but the 98 degree weather and walking so far on hard soled shoes (the parties were across town, WHY oh why didn’t we take transport?) has left the bottom of my feet blistered and very painful. I can barely walk today. I was going to go to the gym but pounding down on these feet is the last thing I want to do!! Might just be a good knitting/reading day. If I can stop feeling sorry for myself about my crazy dating life. Being Single in New York just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Well, last night’s SnB

Posted by jackie blue on July 3rd, 2002

Well, last night’s SnB was fun despite a location mishap when we found our cafe closed for the evening (with no advance warning, either). Not fun to be out the 90+ degree heat looking for another venue, but luckily there was an ice cream/waffle place close by that could accomodate our smaller than usual group. I got very little knitting done between eating waffles and getting a remedial crochet lesson from our Stitch Doctor, Debbie. But it was a good time anyway.

Today is filled with freelance work, and dinner with family tonight, so little knitting time again. This Flame tank is just crawling along. I also have to go buy the book for my next reading group meeting (Love in the Time of Cholera) and I have a week to read it. Oy. I leave everything for the last minute.

I feel like I

Posted by jackie blue on July 2nd, 2002

I feel like I have just nothing of interest to say lately. Knitting has been very sporadic since I’ve been quite busy socially. Tonight is SnB, so I should be catching up then. Otherwise my days are filled with some freelance graphic work, keeping out of the heat, and being activaly social in the evenings. It’s not a bad life, but not much to say about it. Today I have an appt. up in midtown and must scramble up there in mid 90 degree weather and wearing shoes that aren’t very comfortable but are the only shoes I have that aren’t very casual sandals (or very dressy ones). i’m happy these days to not be a typical working girl, and I don’t think I want to be, but this appt. is to discuss a job completely out of my field. I’d like to cancel. I can’t in good mind do that last minute.