Stitch n Bitch was great last night, and I got some more done on the Surf sweater, but I was talking too much and not paying close enough attention to the chart. I made a few mistakes, and thank god Marney has the patience of a saint to rip down and correct them. Things like that drive me crazy and I get very impatient and mess things up when I rush through it, so I was happy to have some help.

Although today is a stunning day, weather wise, I really need to get some cleaning done. I’m not around most weekends and weekdays have been so filled with work lately, that I never have much time to clean. I will sacrifice some sun today to get some straightening done.

I will be busy next week with an interesting freelance assignment, not in my field, but might be fun. I will be helping an estate appraiser with cataloguing an estate. I am concerned now that this will probably interfere with another assignment I had coming up, but thinking about it…that assignment has not contacted me in weeks, is iffy about the start date, and requires travel to Westchester. Which sounds better?

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