I was just showered and getting ready to leave for a job interview when the phone rang and it was someone at HR, postponing my interview. Apparently someone’s son died and they are all at a funeral today. How sad! I’m glad he caught me before I left, and now I at least have a chance to go out and get some lightweight interview clothes. I own very little in terms of interview-y suit type things (my field doesn’t really warrant that dress) and what I do have is for winter. I think I need a slightly funky, not corporate, lightweight summer thing that is suitable for an art director type but not stuffy, and can be worn in 85 degrees. I know, tall order. I’m wondering if this is some kind of weird career omen though, maybe I’m not meant to go back full time. I got an email yesterday from a freelance agency that wants to represent me in getting work. I really kind of like that idea. But, I probably still need a good outfit to wear for client meetings, should there be any.

I’m suddenly left with a free day/evening. I should go to the gym, but geez, I just showered. Might be a good relax day, it’s been a while. Though I do have some freelance to do. And hey, knitting in front of DVDs tonight might not be so bad. Though I really think this has been the slowest summer ever in terms of “going out”. I want to have fun, dammit.

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