After perusing a few stores yesterday, I ended up buying (drastically on sale) a linen jacket and pants thing in Banana Republic. It’s amazing that in only 3 pairs of the pants left, and buried among hundreds of other styles and colors, they had my size. It’s a light taupe/creme color, and should have a shelf life till about October, which isn’t very long, but what else can you wear in August? It’s not as funky as I’d hoped, but at least I’ll still have that rumpled artist look.

I didn’t knit a stitch last night so must get on some of that today. It’s a gorgeous gorgeous day and I fear I’m wasting it. I should head up to Central Park or something. But then I also haven’t worked out all week. Dilemmas. I have finished what work I need to do today though, so it’s all free and clear from here on. Unless clients have changes.

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