Not much to report on the knitting front today. I did some more of the Surf sweater at the beach, after having to frog a few rows because I lost track of what row I was doing. I need to buy another row counter, as the one I have is taken up with the Guernsey dress. Actually, that’s almost done, pattern wise, and I don’t think I’ll need a counter for the sleeves, so I should just use it for the Surf.

These next few weeks should be fairly busy for me. I’m doing the estate appraisal job this week and next, and some other people are biting as far as freelance work. It suddenly looks like I may be swamped again, which isn’t so bad I guess. It’s not like I have a social life these days anyway. That has seem to have taken a complete nosedive lately and I’m really cranky about it. I wanted to have a lot of fun this summer but it’s almost over, and aside from great beaching on the weekends, I haven’t been doing anything. Yesterday a friend met me in Coney for a couple of hours in the morning so before beaching, I got in an early Nathan’s lunch and a couple of rounds of mini-golf on the new course that opened recently. That was a good time. Now if only my evenings weren’t all spent watching TV.

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