SnB last night was a good time, and I got to spend a lot of time talking to Betsy, which was cool because we always seem to end up on opposite sides of the group lately. I almost finished the front of the Guernsey, though the seed stitch pattern got a little messed up when across all stitches (where the pattern part ends). Someone reminded me that many people put in a flaw on purpose, so I’m not going to stress about it. It just enhances the handmade aspect of it, right?

The past couple of days have been spent at a townhouse on the UWS, appraising tons of art, antiques, etc. We would have worked a full day today, but came back after lunch and found we had been locked out. Oops. We’ll go back tomorrow, and I will photograph an entire collection of antiquities (mostly small heads) and then on Tuesday, will head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I will compare the pieces and try to find out the periods/culture of the pieces in the collection. Interesting, eh? I thought this was going to be a typical assistant job, but it turns out I’m doing a lot of the work, not just taking notes. Pretty cool. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday, either, especially since it’s my birthday. A museum trip will be nice.

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