I’ve been bad about posting again!

Well, yeah, the dog was a shock. I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment, and I’m still not sure 100%, plus there might be allergy issues I can’t live with. I’m allergic to most dogs and although my friends went out of their way to get a breed that is “hypoallergenic”, I’m reacting a bit. A talk with my doctor this week might determine if it’s something I can live with or not. Problem is, he’s real cute and if I can’t keep him due to allergies or lifestyle difficulties, it will break my heart. I love my friends for caring about me, but this is huge.

Anyway, his name is Ty, he’s a Bichon Frise mix, and he’s about 4 years old. And cute as hell.

As far as knitting, there’s been little time. I finished the front of the Guernsey this weekend, and started one of the sleeves. I found out that my niece, nephew and the baby will be visiting the 3rd week in Sept. Now I have some pressure to finish this! I’d much rather present it in person and see it on Chani than have to ship it halfway across the globe.

On Sat. Marney and I were hoping to visit with some other out-of-town knit bloggers, but timing just didn’t happen for us. Plus the weather was pretty nasty. We ended up visiting a few knit stores on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, places we haven’t been. I was shopping around for an afghan pattern and yarn for my mother to work with, but didn’t settle on anything yet. Guess I need to bring her, it’s hard to pick out something for someone else to do.

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