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No time for knitting

Posted by jackie blue on August 13th, 2002

No time for knitting or even posting today, I’m off to rifle through an estate on the upper west side. See the SnB gals tonight, hopefully.

Not much to report

Posted by jackie blue on August 12th, 2002

Not much to report on the knitting front today. I did some more of the Surf sweater at the beach, after having to frog a few rows because I lost track of what row I was doing. I need to buy another row counter, as the one I have is taken up with the Guernsey dress. Actually, that’s almost done, pattern wise, and I don’t think I’ll need a counter for the sleeves, so I should just use it for the Surf.

These next few weeks should be fairly busy for me. I’m doing the estate appraisal job this week and next, and some other people are biting as far as freelance work. It suddenly looks like I may be swamped again, which isn’t so bad I guess. It’s not like I have a social life these days anyway. That has seem to have taken a complete nosedive lately and I’m really cranky about it. I wanted to have a lot of fun this summer but it’s almost over, and aside from great beaching on the weekends, I haven’t been doing anything. Yesterday a friend met me in Coney for a couple of hours in the morning so before beaching, I got in an early Nathan’s lunch and a couple of rounds of mini-golf on the new course that opened recently. That was a good time. Now if only my evenings weren’t all spent watching TV.

After perusing a few

Posted by jackie blue on August 9th, 2002

After perusing a few stores yesterday, I ended up buying (drastically on sale) a linen jacket and pants thing in Banana Republic. It’s amazing that in only 3 pairs of the pants left, and buried among hundreds of other styles and colors, they had my size. It’s a light taupe/creme color, and should have a shelf life till about October, which isn’t very long, but what else can you wear in August? It’s not as funky as I’d hoped, but at least I’ll still have that rumpled artist look.

I didn’t knit a stitch last night so must get on some of that today. It’s a gorgeous gorgeous day and I fear I’m wasting it. I should head up to Central Park or something. But then I also haven’t worked out all week. Dilemmas. I have finished what work I need to do today though, so it’s all free and clear from here on. Unless clients have changes.

I was just showered

Posted by jackie blue on August 8th, 2002

I was just showered and getting ready to leave for a job interview when the phone rang and it was someone at HR, postponing my interview. Apparently someone’s son died and they are all at a funeral today. How sad! I’m glad he caught me before I left, and now I at least have a chance to go out and get some lightweight interview clothes. I own very little in terms of interview-y suit type things (my field doesn’t really warrant that dress) and what I do have is for winter. I think I need a slightly funky, not corporate, lightweight summer thing that is suitable for an art director type but not stuffy, and can be worn in 85 degrees. I know, tall order. I’m wondering if this is some kind of weird career omen though, maybe I’m not meant to go back full time. I got an email yesterday from a freelance agency that wants to represent me in getting work. I really kind of like that idea. But, I probably still need a good outfit to wear for client meetings, should there be any.

I’m suddenly left with a free day/evening. I should go to the gym, but geez, I just showered. Might be a good relax day, it’s been a while. Though I do have some freelance to do. And hey, knitting in front of DVDs tonight might not be so bad. Though I really think this has been the slowest summer ever in terms of “going out”. I want to have fun, dammit.