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Stitch n Bitch was

Posted by jackie blue on August 7th, 2002

Stitch n Bitch was great last night, and I got some more done on the Surf sweater, but I was talking too much and not paying close enough attention to the chart. I made a few mistakes, and thank god Marney has the patience of a saint to rip down and correct them. Things like that drive me crazy and I get very impatient and mess things up when I rush through it, so I was happy to have some help.

Although today is a stunning day, weather wise, I really need to get some cleaning done. I’m not around most weekends and weekdays have been so filled with work lately, that I never have much time to clean. I will sacrifice some sun today to get some straightening done.

I will be busy next week with an interesting freelance assignment, not in my field, but might be fun. I will be helping an estate appraiser with cataloguing an estate. I am concerned now that this will probably interfere with another assignment I had coming up, but thinking about it…that assignment has not contacted me in weeks, is iffy about the start date, and requires travel to Westchester. Which sounds better?

Change of plans! My

Posted by jackie blue on August 6th, 2002

Change of plans! My friend was too late to get tickets for tonight’s show, so i’ll be at Stitch n Bitch after all. Which is fine, since I love the gathering, but I’m a little bummed since today is the most PERFECT weather NYC could possibly have in August. It’s sunny, it’s breezy, it’s dry, and cool in the shade. Just perfect. I walked to the east village to get my hair cut (and have the requisite ices at NYC Icy), was going to stop in to Downtown Yarns but found the store CLOSED, and then walked back to sit in Union Square Park for a few hours and sat and read my book. Just blissful.

One more thing I

Posted by jackie blue on August 5th, 2002

One more thing I forgot to post! The appearance of knitting in Sex And The City last night! I admit, it’s one of my favorite shows, as it pretty much sums up my life lately (lacking only the very expensive shoes and velvet rope bars). Charlotte takes up knitting and calls it “The New Yoga”, now where have we hard that before? Anyway, that’s sure to cause another boon to the knitting world.

Oh, I forgot to

Posted by jackie blue on August 5th, 2002

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that I am probably skipping Stitch and Bitch tomorrow night. A friend wants to see Shakespeare in the Park’s Twelfth Night and it’s his last night to do so before it leaves, since he works most nights. I told him I’d go. Though I hate missing SnB, it’s often the highlight of the week. I will miss seeing the girls, but they will be there next week, hopefully!