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It was a good

Posted by jackie blue on August 5th, 2002

It was a good weekend, of (some) sun, surf, and Surf sweater. I did a fair amount on the beach, and I’m sure all the sand and damp sea air is only adding to the charm of it. It will somehow seem wrong to work on this in winter, though I must if I plan to wear it next summer. It will probably take that long to finish it. I see myself walking along a beach, somewhere in Montauk perhaps, with the perfect guy next to me, wearing that sweater. Ah, fairy tales.

I was very happy to get the majority of my freelance work out of the way before the weekend. Today is my Monday gig, and then one more rush job must go out, and then I have NO MORE work to do. People, surely someone reading this needs a graphic designer or knows someone who does. Bring it on.

I got a good

Posted by jackie blue on August 1st, 2002

I got a good deal more done on the front of the Guernsey at SnB the other night, but no knitting since then, as I have freelance work that needs to get done this week. Not to mention another book I need to finish. I’m really hoping the weather will hold out through the weekend (it’s been really hot, but sunny and dry, perfect beach weather) so I can get my butt away from this computer and catch up on some knitting and reading at the shore. I can’t believe it’s August already, where does the time go? And there’s so much I need to do…doctor’s appts., haircut, cleaning up this place, finding more work or a real job, I feel like so much time has gotten away from me and I’ve accomplished so little.