Well, the long holiday weekend was a weather washout, and not even so long for me since I had to work yesterday. I had some good times though, getting back into the walking routine in Central Park that my friends and I do during the non-90 degree months, and I had a great time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Marney on Sunday, not for work this time but to see the Impressionist exhibit. I loved the old New York photographs as well, possibly even more.

The Guernsey sleeve is coming along but since I have to miss Stitch n Bitch tonight *yet again*, I have to make it a point to work on it today. It’s a friend’s birthday tonight and I was called away to dinner. I miss knitting but dammit, I will be there next week no matter what.

Ty the dog is doing fairly well though he is about to start a regimen of crate training since he likes to pee in my apartment when alone for 5 hours or more. I hate crates but people have convinced me he’ll love it and it will be great. We’ll see about that. So far he shows little interest and is conking out on my sofa as we speak.

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