We had a fantastic weekend in the Poconos, despite Ty getting carsick on the way. He apparently hates cars, as he threw up in my backseat again this morning while I did the typical NYC move-the-car-around thing, looking for a legal spot to leave the car in. Poor thing, he needs Dramamine. But, the weekend was fab, with great weather, and swimming, a bit of sedate hiking, kayaking on the lake, and just hanging out and enjoying. Here’s a cute pic of me and Ty from the weekend.

oh, and knitting. I finished one Guernsey sleeve and started the second, and since I’m *finally* making it back to Stitch and Bitch tonight, I will hopefully finish it within the week. I am excited to return after a month away, between birthdays and baseball games keeping me from going.

Today I must work on some freelance design stuff. Ty looks upset I’m not playing with him. Oh well. Such is a dog’s life.

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